The Counting Begins!

The elections for parliament in Azerbaijan are now over. Now the difficult part of tallying the votes begins. The prospective sides are taking their predictable positions. Officials from the governing Yeni Azerbaijan Party insist that the elections were fair and square, while the opposition parties claim that nothing of the sort occurred. All of this proves that the counting process will surely be a lengthy process.

All of the twists and turns of the run up to and aftermath of the elections can confuse an interested watcher. So to provide some navigation through the storm, here are a few places where one can find news of the Azerbaijan elections in English:

I’ve already mentioned Radio Free Europe’s special coverage as a valuable source for news. In addition, I also recommend’s special section on the Azeri elections. Their page has a lot of good resources including a breakdown of the political parties, facts about Azerbaijan and Azeri politics, as well as in-depth news coverage and analysis.

More news can be found at Transitions Online’s Caucuses’ news section.

The history of Human’s Right’s Watch’s reports on Azerbaijan can be found here.

More news about the elections will undoubtedly be covered by the various Russian/CIS news sites on the right of this blog.