It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted to this blog. Work and burnout were to blame. I think I needed a bit of time off from Russia in the present (though the Russia of the past never strays to far from my mind) to recharge my batteries. The quarter is ending in a few weeks which means that time will become less of a luxury. Below I present my reflection of Kim Murphy’s article on the continued Russian practice of condemning dissidents to insane asylums. I try to approach the subject from a perspective that I hope will generate a discussion on issues that go beyond the particularity of this practice in Russia.

I still hope to write an article on Amnesty International’s report on race and racism in Russia. There are some ideas about how race is discussed in and in regard to Russia that I think misses some larger, global processes. But that is a discussion for a later date.

In all, I hope to now return to a more consistent blogging schedule.