Russia’s Two Youths

Youth political activism in Russia is a tale of two youths. One stands in front of a line of police in riot gear in St. Petersburg, a black or red handkerchief over his nose and mouth to disguise his face. He is probably a member of Red Youth Vanguard (AKM), the National Bolshevik Party, an […]

Pork Kills Russia’s WTO Bid

Question: What prevented the United States and Russia coming to an agreement to allow the latter into the WTO? Answer: Pork. Yes, that is right, pork. The sweetest meat, the succulent hog, the flesh that is tasty whether barbecued, baked, smoked or fried. According to an article in Kommersant, the two powers failure to come […]

Anatoli Lieven on Democracy Now!

Anatoli Lieven, Senior Research Fellow at the New American Foundation, was briefly interviewed on Democracy Now! this morning. Lieven has written widely on Russia and foreign policy. In a commentary in the International Herald Tribune, he wrote this in regard to Putin and Dick Cheney, In many ways, Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. Vice […]