Mr. Kadyrov Visits Nashi

Kommersant reports that Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov made a trip to Camp Nashi. Apparently Kadyrov was so impressed that he invited Nashi to set up shop in Chechnya.

Kadyrov took a tour of the camp, beginning with the central alley called Sovereign Democracy Avenue. Then he saw an imitation of Eternal Fire monument, and Yakemenko reminded him that the slogan “Russia for Russians” might lead to a civil war.

Kadyrov met some Chechen young people among Nashi activists. He hugged them and talked Chechen to them, and his only words in Russian were “We [Chechens] have fallen behind. Now we should become first.”

Then Kadyrov’s attention was diverted to some tents with banners “Our Army”, where Nashi activists are trained for fighting against the humiliating treatment of juniors in Russian armed forces. While Nashi activists were admiring Kadyrov’s Hermes shoes, a frightened man showed from the tent asking not to enter yet.

Kadyrov went on in the meantime, noticing a tent on the outskirts of the camp with the banner saying Tashkent. “Ethnic” ghetto of young Uzbek activists suddenly gave an idea to Kadyrov—that Nashi camp should be organized in Chechnya as well.

Then Kadyrov was invited back to “Our Army” tents to watch a theatrical show. Around ten young men clad in military uniform simulated troop movements, crawling in the dust, lighting land pots and dragging gun dummies behind them. Kadyrov praised the show and began taking photographs with Nashi activists.

Will Chechen youths be attending any lectures on the “Ideology of Ramzan Kadyrov” anytime soon?