Shout Out to Russia Blog

Wondering how war in the Middle East impacts Russia? I highly recommend Charlie Ganske’s post “The Long War in the Middle East and Russian Oil” on Russia Blog for an answer. Here is the opening paragraph:

The Russian business newspaper Kommersant has an article up on their website today, candidly titled Thanks to the War Machine. The article provides some historic perspective on how the USSR profited from the oil shocks after the 1973 Arab-Israeli War and the 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran. The article also notes that Russia has been the single largest beneficiary of higher global oil prices fueled by Mideast turmoil. However, Kommersant contributor Sergey Minaev’s argument intersects with a view we have presented here at Russia Blog for some time: the West (not just the U.S.) has a strategic interest in developing Russian oil and gas, with the goal to expand global energy supplies from outside the Middle East.

I also suggest taking a look at Yuri Mamchur’s deconstruction of the new extremism law signed by Putin.