Polonium Shopping Spree

ABC News is reporting that Polonium-210 can be purchased over the internet: Polonium-210, the radioactive substance that killed former Russian agent Alexander Litvinenko, is easily available on the Internet, but it could take $1 million to amass a lethal amount, according to leading authorities. Polonium-210 isotopes are offered online by a number of companies, including […]

Gaidar Radar

RIA Novosti is reporting that doctors have “deemed” that Yegor Gaidar was poisoned, but the nature of the poison has yet to be determined. What is interesting about this report, is that it quotes no doctor, only Gaidar’s press secretary, Valery Natarov. The report reads: Doctors deem poisoning cause of Gaidar’s illness – press-secretary 30/11/2006 […]