Joyal’s Jewels

There are few new details in the Paul Joyal shooting. It turns out that Joyal wasn’t shot in the belly but in the family jewels. If nefarious spooky Russians did do this, they are either cruel or just bad shots. Joyal’s wife Elizabeth has consistently disputed police claims that her husband was robbed, but when asked her opinion of the motive, she said, “”We really have no idea what the reason was,” but added that “it could easily have been a random act of violence.” Police are also mum on any additional details.

Prince George’s police, who are handling the investigation, would not confirm whether anything was stolen from Joyal during the shooting.

‘‘The investigators are obviously aware of his background,” police spokeswoman Cpl. Debbi Carlson said.

‘‘It’s hard to determine what exactly took place there,” spokesman Cpl. Stephen Pacheco said, adding that the neighborhood where the shooting took place is typically a ‘‘quiet” residential area.

FBI spokeswoman Michelle Cornkovich confirmed that Prince George’s police are leading the investigation, and said the FBI has offered to provide any assistance the department needs.

Of course, this hasn’t stopped the wild media speculation and accusations. It seems like everyone has an opinion about Russia nowadays.

Well it doesn’t help when even tourists are ending up poisoned by thallium. I expect to read an expose of the incident in the next edition of the LA Russian community internet magazine, Russian LA.