A Word From Your Sponsor

Due to the prevalence of “sock puppets” and disingenuous anonymous posters in the comments’ section, I’ve decided to get rid of anonymous posting. Now all commenters must be registered with Blogger. I didn’t want to do this, and I’m sure it will not prevent the sock puppet phenomenon over the long term, (however amusing they might be at times. I personally found the Dark Lord’s intervention quite hilarious.), but I figure this is one “soft” measure I can take. I’ve tried the “no policy on commenting policy” and unfortunately having a free and open forum is too much for some to handle. Sadly meaningful discussion has not been enhanced (though there have been some valiant efforts), it has only degenerated (the recent debate over the grammatical veracity of “ther’re” is just one example).

Also as much as I would like to engage in my own little Seanovshchina and hunt down sock puppet masters through their IP addresses, I just don’t have the time. Playing school yard monitor is just too tiring not to say disillusioning.