The Short List

Vladimir Putin threw a curve ball into the “who will be the next Russian President” guessing game. Kommersant reports that he told reports at the G8 Summit that his successor should be “a decent and honest person with a high level of professional qualities and work experience who has proven himself well and positively either […]

Victims of Communism Remembered

The consecration of two memorials, one in the US the other in Russia, caught my attention as I was perusing the Russian news. The first is the so-called Victims of Communism Memorial which was dedicated in Washington DC today. The Memorial is the work of the Victim’s of Communism Memorial Foundation which seeks “to commemorate […]

Berezovsky Answers Your Questions!

A few people have pointed to Boris Berezovsky fielding questions from viewers the BBC’s Question Time. According to SRB commenter John, you can watch the program in question until next week. But it appears that Berezovsky’s TV appearance is not the end of his nattering nabobtivity. The Question Time site also states that he will […]