“Why can’t Russia have one too?”

Chechen President and Moscow proxy Razman Kadyrov gave an interview to Kommersant. Here are a few of his choice statements. Putin as President-for-life: “Why can Kazakhstan have a president-for-life? Or Turkmenistan? Why can’t Russia have one too?” “Putin gave the Chechen people a second life! Allah appointed him to his place.” “I am not the […]

Rules of Engagement

A new section has been introduced to the Russian anti-terrorism law. The long winded titled “The Use of Weapons and Military Technology by the Russian Armed Forces to Eliminate the Threat of Terrorist Acts in the Air or to Thwart Such an Attack” details how Russian security forces are to engage terrorists employing passenger airplanes […]

Victims of Imperialism Need Remembrance Too!

As if the memorial to the Victims of Communism wasn’t bad enough. Communists in Ukraine and Russia have decided to enter the battle over memory. In response to the Victims of Communism groundbreaking last week, Leonid Grach from the Ukrainian Communist Party has proposed “establishing a museum commemorating victims of U.S. imperialism.” “American imperialism, from […]