Comments Policy

I’ve tried not having a comments policy so that discussion can remain open. It is clear that it is time to end that experiment. It has come to a point that when you look at the substance of the comments there is nothing free or open about it. For the most part, the comments section has become a playground of childish snipping and constant flame wars by the same individuals. I’ve been concerned that this has turned people off from the site. Now, I’m sure that this is the case. Plus I no longer have any tolerance for it all. Therefore the comments policy is as follows:

  1. Comments that are abusive and are insulting to readers will be removed by me without explanation. Repeat offenders will be banned.
  2. Commentators using “sock puppets” will be banned.
  3. Commentators are encouraged to stay on topic, but going off topic is fine. All political views and thoughts are welcome.
  4. I will periodically close threads if I suspect things are getting out of hand.

I will apply the above policy at my discretion and as my time permits. I don’t read every comment so I’m not interested in who started it and who is to blame. I ask that all readers and commentators stay within the bounds of civility so that we can discuss and perhaps even learn from each other. If a friendly, informative, and collaborative forum doesn’t suit you, then I suggest you go somewhere else.