Top 10 Commentators on SRB

I haven’t had the time to write anything substantial about Russia thanks to my chapter deadline (which is tomorrow). In a moment of boredom, I decided to add the “Top Commentators” widget to the site. The widget displays the top ten commentators since I started the site in October 2004.

And the winner is (drum roll please) . . . Mike Averko! Of course it is.  Mike never rests when there are not so Russia friendlies to expose as, well, not so Russia friendlies.  As of this post, Mike has a whopping 1885 comments. Second is Mike’s arch enemy, Chrisius Maximus with 1018. Even if we add his pre-Roman transformation quips, which stand at 330, he still doesn’t come close to Averko. Following Chrisius is Tim, the Irishman, Lyndon, ivanov, Shedd, me, and mab.

Now none of you should take this as an invitation to engage in a commenting frenzy in an attempt to beat Mike. I don’t think, or should I say hope, that none of us has enough time, let alone the carpels, to surpass him. As to what these numbers signify about each individual commentator, I’ll leave that you all.