Bread and Butter

Here’s something to chew on. Nicolai Petro asks in his column “Why Russian Liberals Lose“: “Why have Russia’s self-proclaimed “liberals” done so badly at attracting popular support?” A few reasons actually. First, he states that liberals like Vladimir Ryzhkov, Irina Khakamada, Grigory Yavinsky, Mikhail Kasyanov and Boris Nemtsov’s initial embrace of figures like Eduard Limonov […]

Predictable Responses to Predictable Results

The only thing more predictable than United Russia’s victory on Sunday, is the West’s virtually unanimous condemnation of the elections.   A spokesman from the German government called them “Neither a free, fair nor democratic election.”  The Swedish forgien minister said Russia is a “steered democracy.”  A European observer call them “not a level playing […]