Johnny Depp as Young Stalin?

I have yet to read Simon Sebag Montefiore’s acclaimed Young Stalin.  Now I might not have to.  According to the Guardian, Montefiore has signed a contract with Miramax, producer Alison Owen of Elizabeth fame, and screenwriter John Hodge of Trainspotting to do a celluloid version of the book. Not a bad follow-up to receiving the Costa Book Award for Best Biography of 2007.

The real question is who should play the young Stalin?  If it was up to Montefiore, Koba’s salad days in the revolutionary underground would be played by none other that Johnny Depp.  “If it’s not done in Georgian, Johnny Depp would be perfect for the lead role,” he told reporters.

Given the supposed attention Montefiore gives to Koba’s many love affairs, Depp sounds like a perfect choice to play the Georgian Don Juan turned Communist dictator.