Down but Not Out

It seems that I was led astray. Or I didn’t read the fine print. I was under the impression that the Moscow News had ceased publication. I found out about this from a story in the Toronto Star by Kelly Toughill which Robert Amsterdam posted on his blog. In her article “Free Press Under Siege in Russia,” Toughill wrote:

Moskovskiye Novosti (Moscow News) shut down this week. Novosti was the most influential newspaper in Russia as the Soviet Union was falling apart. People stood in line for hours to get a copy, amazed to see the truth on paper for the very first time. Its demise seems symbolic.

Symbolic in the sense that print newspapers around the world are feeling the economic crunch. In a press release in December, Daniel Kupsin, MN’s administrative head, said that “we don’t see any commercial value in [the paper’s] continued publication.” There is some speculation that MN might make a return sometime this year. As for when, nobody knows.

I thought that this meant the death to the Moscow News as a whole. Upon a closer look, I realized that MN has only ceasing the publication of its Russian edition. The English edition, which has been published since 1930, will continue as always. I’m glad to see that.