Medvedev Little Cash and No Ride

Medvedev's Ride Pimped!Last week, the Central Electoral Commission released information on the wealth of Gennady Zyuganov and Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Today we got a glimpse at how high presidential favorite Dmitri Medvedev’s paper stack is. According to papers Medvedev filed for his candidacy, in the last four years he earned $71,000, owns a 367.8 sq. meter apartment, and has $111,200 stashed away in a bank. If you think Dmitri’s thug appeal wasn’t bad enough, check out his ride, or really his lady’s ride. Medvedev has no car, and if he wanted cruise Moscow he would have to do so in his wife 1999 Volkswagen Golf. Literally, a car for the people. How great would it be if we found Medvedev on Pimp my Ride? I’m sure Xzibit and Mad Mike could help a brotha’ out.

But wait. Medvedev is chairman of Gazprom. For some reason whatever he makes from that wasn’t included in his income declaration. Gazprom made a profit of $13 billion in 2006. How much scratch he’s getting from that is unknown. I know one thing, he didn’t squander it all on limited edition pink marble vinyl prints of Sabbath Bloody Sabbath.