Sergei Kovalev, “Open Letter to:”

Open letter to: Открытое письмо: Vladimir Putin, President of Russian Federation Vladimir Churov, Chairman of Central Election Commission of Russian Federation Sergei Lavrov, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation Gentlemen, I have no doubt that you are well aware that the free expression of the will of free citizens via free democratic elections can […]

Why Putvedev?

My latest contribution to Pajamas Media “Why Putvedev?” is up. There isn’t much new in it for frequent readers of this blog. Hopefully, it will give a wider audience a different opinion about the Russian Presidential Elections. Also I highly recommend Andrew Wilson’s analysis, “Russia’s Post-election Balance” on Open Democracy. It seems that we share […]

Vybor Awards

Every genre of the entertainment world has its own award shows. Theater has the Tony. Movies the Oscars. Music the Grammys. Why not elections? I bet the Russian election is a cesspool of some classic moments. So . . . For his role in “Take him out . . . And shoot the scoundrel!” the […]