I’m a Three Time Loser

Wow. You know when you’re doing something right (or wrong) when you get bile thrown at you. After a long silence, the ever loving La Russophobe has once again made me the object of obsession. “Sean Guillory, Three Time Loser” is, well, what you would expect.

If I’m really all the things Miss Bliss says I am, then why waste the column space? If I’m so pathetic and insignificant, then why not just ignore me? I guess I’m a thorn in her side. The funny thing is that I didn’t even know it. I probably wouldn’t have found out about this latest tirade if someone didn’t email it to me. And she calls me a loser!?.

Kim is so obsessed with me that sometimes I really do think that she’s just in love. And that is the scariest thought of all.

Hey, Kim, if you’re reading, thanks for the laugh. And for the plug.