Ossetian Numbers Game

How many Ossetians died as the result of Georgia’s attack?  The numbers have been a constant point of speculation over the last two weeks.  In the immediate aftermath of the attack, Russia claimed 1,600-2,000 deaths.  By 21 August the Financial Times was reporting that the Russians could only confirm 133 civilian deaths, though Boris Salmakov of the Russian prosecutor’s office warned that the number could climb. Human Rights Watch claimed that only 44 deaths based on an interview with a doctor from the main hospital in Tskhinvali. Nevertheless, the 133 remained the accepted number in the Western press.

Now that accepted number should be revised.  According to Teimuraz Khugaev, head prosecutor for the South Ossetian government, the number now stands at 1,692 dead and about 1,500 wounded.  However, he added that “Information about new burials come to us every day.  It’s difficult for us to confirm all these figures.”

Time will tell if this number will stand or even be accepted.