EU and Russia Cut a Deal

Talks between French President Nicholas Sarkozy and Dmitri Medvedev went in Russia’s favor.  The Russian’s received a security guarantee that Georgia wouldn’t attack South Ossetia and Abkhazia in exchange for withdrawing its forces from Georgian territory and allowing the deployment 200 international monitors beginning Oct 1.  Russia will keep nearly 8000 troops in Abkhazia and […]

Russian Evangelicals Target South Park

The Russian Extremism Law has found a new target: South Park.  The notorious Basmanny court announced that the show “bore signs of extremist activity” in response to a motion filed by the Moscow city prosecutors office.  The Prosecutors office charged twelve cartoons, South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy (translated into Russian as the Griffins), Metalocalypse, […]

Voices Rise in Georgian Opposition

The Georgia opposition and Saakashvili supporters “are calling for investigations into what they call failures in diplomacy and warfare, and some are predicting Saakashvili will be forced from office by a war they say he hoped would earn him a place in history,” reports the Washington Post. David Usupashvili, the leader of the Republican Party, […]