Palin Talks Russia in ABC Exclusive

Update: I posted the entire interview. Russia comes in about halfway in. Republican VP Candidate Sarah Palin finally sat down for an interview.  Lo and behold, Russia came up in her exclusive with ABC’s Charles Gibson.  Here are her thoughts on Russia resurgent, letting Georgia and Ukraine into NATO, and going to war to defend […]

Levy Lies

Bernard-Henri Levy, France’s conservative philosophy guru, is a big fat liar.  As soon as war broke out in Georgia, Levy rushed there hoping to reproduce his fabled war zone reporting from Bosnia.  It turns out, however, the article he wrote for Le Monde and the Huffington Post about what he saw in Gori was all […]

CNN Chops up Putin

There was a lot of hooping and hollering about what Vesti did to that interview from Fox News.  If you think that was good, check out the number CNN did to Putin’s interview.  Yasha Lavine breaks it down clean in “Is CNN Getting Kicked out of Russia?”  Here are some of the spliced film CNN […]