Dima Medvedev, Vblogger


The Kremlin is getting more media conscious.  Now Dmitri Medvedev is not just President of Russia. He’s also budding vblogger.  Here’s Dima’s first web address complete with English subtitles for all you non-Russian speakers. Ya gotta keep up with those techno savvy kids!

Now if Medvedev could only do something to satiate Russian banks’ and companies’ thirst for liquidity and end those daily stock market closures. Unfortunately, delving into the virtual is not going to pull Russia out of this morass.

Now, you can’t completely blame Dima for his inability to reign in the Russian economy. After all, he just came on the presidential scene a mere seven months ago. Also he’s not alone in the economic woes department. Such is the dark side of globalization. Capital may think globally but it acts locally.

Hello and welcome my dear Dmitri Anatolyevich! Welcome to the desert of really existing capitalism!