Sorting Out South Ossetia

What happened in South Ossetia? The war may be over but questions linger.  Who started the war?  Was there ethnic cleansing of Georgians?  What role did South Ossetian militas play in the conflict.  BBC has made available the first part of Tim Whewell audio documentary on South Ossetia where he uncover more pieces of the puzzle. Here’s BBC’s program description:

This summer’s war in Georgia sparked the biggest crisis in east-west relations for 30 years. When Russia sent its tanks across the border, its intervention was denounced around the world.

Reporting from Moscow and Georgia, and with rare independent access to the disputed territory of South Ossetia, Tim Whewell investigates allegations of ethnic cleansing of Georgian villages, and counter-claims that Georgia’s army was guilty of war-crimes against Ossetian civilians.

I recommend giving it a listen.