Russian Unionists and Activists Attacked

As American automakers prepare to lobby the US government for their share of the $700 billion rescue corporate redistribution fund, GM, who is heading the effort, opened a new $300 million factory in Russia “to compensate for slumping sales in western Europe and North America.”  Carl-Peter Forster, the head of GM in Europe, predicts that […]

On “Hanging by the balls”

Putin’s statement to Nicholas Sarkozy, “I’m going to hang Saakashvilli by the balls” is making the rounds in the news.  Putin’s crude words, which he is known for, has prompted questions over how much he really detests Saak, and whether this hatred figured in how Russia dealt with the Georgian leader.  Whatever Putin said or […]

Communist Circumlocution

Kommersant Vlast‘ made an funny observation about the websites of Russian political parties.  Apparently the verbosity and the brevity of a party’s website is connected to their political orientation.  Those on the left are more verbose while those on the right are more terse. The most verbose is the main page for the KPRF, a […]