Russia’s Average Joe No Longer Spared

Oil drops below $50 a barrel.  The global auto industry slashes jobs in France, Thailand, Japan, and the United States. The world’s investors look for a safe haven to run to but none is to be found. Perhaps it’s time to stop referring to the current economic situation as a “financial crisis” and call it […]

Politkovskaya Juror Denies Barring Media

Evgenii Kolesov, one of the jurors in the Politkovskaya murder trial, was on Ekho Moskvy today and said the following about the sudden closing of the trial to the media: “I can’t say that the initiative originated from us.  In no way did any of us demand this,” the juror emphasized.  According to him, the […]

Event: “What is Russia Thinking?”

For those of you in the New York area, I will be a participant in “What is Russia Thinking? The Word from the Last of the Independent Media.” The event is organized by the Paul Klebnikov Fund, a foundation started by the late journalist’s family, and the Eurasia Foundation to honor Mikhail Fishman, this year’s […]