Consolatory Cops

The opening paragraph of Kommersant‘s article on Stanislav Markelov’s funeral reads:

Ostankinskoe cemetery where the jurist Stanislav Markelov was to be buried was heavily guarded.  OMON, police buses, and patrol cars. They asked mourners to show the contents of their bags and required them to show documents. There were whispers in the crowd that police feared a terrorist attack. They expected high state officials to be among the double murders’ mourners. But government officials didn’t come (However, there were public politicians from both government and opposition).  It’s notable that representatives of the Russian government also didn’t give any condolences. But yesterday Viktor Yushchenko send at telegram to his countrywoman.  (The journalist Anna Baburova, who was shot after the lawyer, is a native of Ukraine.)

Not a consolatory peep from the Russian government? Then what were all those Robocops supposed to represent?