The Rising Russian Right

I’m normally not a big fan of the Guardian‘s Luke Harding, but I think he deserves kudos for his latest article, “Putin’s Worst Nightmare.” Harding opens with the chilling and brutal murder of Karen Abramian, who was stabbed 56 times by two skinheads named Artur Ryno and Pavel Skachevsky, both 17, as he returned from […]

Nashi Spies Unmasked

Perhaps Nashi has found a purpose in Medvedev’s Russia: functioning as an army of provocateurs and spies.  This week, Anna Bukovskaya, a former Nashist, blew the whistle on Nashi’s undercover operation to infiltrate and surveillance opposition youth organizations. In a statement published on Ilya Yashin’s blog, Bukovskaya stated: I, Anna Aleksandrovna Bukovskaya, was the federal […]