Who will answer for Natalia Estemirova?

My translation of Novaya gazeta calling Putin out.

Natalia Estemirova

Ramzan Kadyrov and the unnamed “officials of Chechnya”? They are all one in the same. We remember the names of those who questioned. It’s unknown whether “Kadyrov’s list” was written on down. About which are many rumors. But it has been obvious for a while that there are a number in Moscow, other exotic international capitals, and with a furious speed – in the Caucasus. Last entry on it – was reserved for Natasha.

And nevertheless – someone must answer. Still before killers will stand like Raduev at the prison doors. Some suggest that we don’t have a state.  But we do have a state, and there are even people who know about these high-profile political murders in Russia (everyone) more that others. This person gave the “all clear” for tying Russia to Chechnya.  He thought up a new type of power in the Russian Caucasus. This person claims that human rights activists such as Natalia Estemirova must be “jackals” who beg for scraps at foreign embassies.

Where the jackals, Vladimir Vladimirovich?