Porno Hacker Saga Continues

The story of Russia’s world famous porn hacker keeps popping up in the news. It’s not, unfortunately, because of any new examples of his brilliance. Rather the story keeps getting headlines because of the Russian keystones’ bungling. Anyone surprised?

On Mikhail Fishman’s Coke Scandal

I’ve been going back and forth about commenting on the whole Ilya Yashin-Oleg Oreshkin-Mikhail Fishman bribing cops scandal. Part of me finds it utterly hilarious that someone in Russia (i.e. Nashi) has nothing better to do with themselves or worse is so afraid of the “opposition” it has to concoct some shoddy video kompromat to tarnish said opposition’s “good” name. Also, catching them bribing cops is hardly scandalous. If they offered the cops bribes and the cops refused now that would be scandalous! Anyway, isn’t the more important issue not Yashin, Oreshkin, and Fishman giving bribes, but the cops taking them?