Nemtsov Supporter Smacks Nashi Commissar

As capital “P” Russia politics garners the world’s attention, little “p” Russian politics continues unabated.

Anyone who reads this blog knows that Nashi loves to harass the hell out of Russia’s liberal opposition. Finally one of Nashi’s provocateurs, Commissar Ivan Kosov, got a bit of comeuppance at the hands of one of Nemtsov’s fans when he tried to pester the oppositionist at a book signing .

Here’s the video:



Mr. Nemtsov tell me please, [John] McCain declared that if Putin returns to power, the blood that will be spilled in Russia will be to the benefit of American freedom and democracy. You flew to the US recently and met with American representatives who appointed someone responsible for disorder in Russia: You or [Evgenia] Chirikova? Can you answer this question for me? You or Chirikova were made responsible for unrest?

A panel discussion with Nemtsov and Chirikova at Columbia Harriman Institute on the topic “Russian Elections 2011-12: Is There a Chance For Political Opposition?” can be seen here.

Then Kosov was taken aside and punched in the face. Here are the after shots:


One of these days, POW, right in the kisser!




Russian blood was spilt.