“The price of potatoes in Russia has risen by 300 percent . . .”

Three graphs speak to the plight of the Russian consumer in 2015: the ruble-dollar exchange rate, inflation, and real wage growth: http://cdn.tradingeconomics.com/embed/?s=usdrub&v=201512111855m&d1=20141001&d2=20151211&h=300&w=600 Source: tradingeconomics.com http://cdn.tradingeconomics.com/embed/?s=rucpiyoy&v=201512102303m&d1=20140101&d2=20151231&type=type=line&h=300&w=600 Source: tradingeconomics.com http://cdn.tradingeconomics.com/embed/?s=russiawaggro&v=201511231138m&d1=20140101&d2=20151231&h=300&w=600 Source: tradingeconomics.com Below is my translation of an article on Znak.com that puts all of this in everyday terms for shoppers in Yekaterinburg. You can read the original […]