The Baltics In-Between

Over the last decade, the Baltics have reappeared on the world stage. Once again, these former “captive nations” are on the frontier of another geopolitical contest between Russia and the “West.” Headlines periodically query if the Baltics will be subject to Russian invasion. But how real are these fears, subject as they are to media embellishment, qualification and denial by both Russia and the West? What do they mean for those living in the Baltics – and for the world?


Aliide Naylor is a freelance journalist focusing on Russia and eastern Europe. Her writing has appeared a number of publications and media. Naylor has travelled to all corners of the Baltic states and has also lived in both St. Petersburg and Moscow, where she served as Arts Editor at The Moscow Times. Her new book is The Shadow in the East: Vladimir Putin and the New Baltic Front published by Bloomsbury.


Aleksandr Vertinksii, “Dzhonni,” 1930.