Ep 1: Teddy Greets the USSR

Teddy Roe took an extraordinary trip to the USSR in 1968. For three months, he travelled from one end of the USSR to the other. Most Americans at the time believed the USSR was their greatest enemy. Teddy was among tens of thousands who toured the Soviet Union. Why did Americans want to travel there? Why did the Soviets want them to come? What just what was the tourist experience like?

Teddy Goes to the USSR is written, edited and produced by Sean Guillory.

Thanks to Eduard Andrushchenko, Alex Hazanov, Andrew Jacobs, and  Don Raliegh for their participation. Special thanks to Teddy Roe for sharing his story, diary, and photographs.

Music is by Blue Dot Sessions and Eliot Holmes.

Funding for Teddy Goes to the USSR was provided by the Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh and monthly patrons of the SRB Podcast.

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