The Nivkhi of Sakhalin

Almost 30 years ago, Bruce Grant, NYU Anthropology, published In the Soviet House of Culture: A Century of Perestroika, a pioneering study on the Nivkhi of Sakhalin Island. The book touched as several aspects of the indigenous experience under the Russian empire, the Soviet Union, and post-Soviet Russia. The Eurasian Knot decided to revisit In the Soviet House of Culture, and ask Bruce about the work, the history of the Nivkhi, and what his study tells us about indigeneity in Russia today.

Bruce Grant is Professor and Chair of Anthropology at New York University. He is author of several books including, In the Soviet House of Culture: A Century of Perestroikas (Princeton 1995) and The Captive and the Gift: Cultural Histories of Sovereignty in Russia and the Caucasus (Cornell 2009). His current research explores the early twentieth-century, pan-Caucasus journal Molla Nasreddin (1905-1931) as an idiom for rethinking contemporary Eurasian space and authoritarian rule within it.

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