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  Since 2005, I’ve provided critical commentary on Russia’s past and present on this blog. These many years of blogging proved to me that there

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Back to Basics . . .

I’ve been doing a bit of soul searching in the last few weeks about this blog, its purpose, and, more importantly, my relationship to it.  Nothing too deep, and perhaps “soul searching” isn’t the right word.  Let’s say I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting.

This reflecting was also coupled by the fact that I’ve haven’t had the energy/time/inspiration to write.  The main reason for this is that I’ve been tending to other things–applying for jobs, starting research on a new project on race in Russia in the 19th and 20th centuries, writing an article on war trauma, and

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Badware Nowhere

Several days ago someone or something hacked SRB, delivering a nice Christmas present of badware.  I guess this was ol’St. Nick’s way of telling me I’ve been more naughty than nice over the last year.

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There and Back Again

It has been a long haul and I’m slowly crawling out of my hole. For those who don’t already know, I filed my dissertation, We

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Swine Flu Lands in Moscow

Hypochondriacs beware!  Swine flu has officially landed in Moscow. According to Novyi region, two women have been hospitalized in the capital. “Both women are citizens

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Back Online (Finally)

The past five days have been an utter nightmare.  On Thanksgiving morning I got an email from my hosting company, BlueHost, saying that they unceremoniously

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