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Ivory God
Best Historical Podcast Out There
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Sean is a great interviewer and thorough with his own research and gathering info on his guest and their subjects. Its a good balance between the different eras of Russia (Muscovy, Imperial, Soviet, Modern, etc.) and he does well to examine areas that do not garner much attention, such as what objects and possessions Red Army soldiers carried on them. I have purchased several books based off his guests and have not been disappointed.
Excellent podcast
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Excellent podcast on a fascinating subject. Particularly enjoy topics having to do with the Soviet Union and contemporary Russian society and politics. More podcasts on post-Soviet Russia would be great—anything to cut through the propaganda in the USA.
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I find the SRB podcast to be intellectually thorough, entertaining, and thoughtful. I've only been listening for a month or two, but I've enjoyed every episode with relish. Sean is a great interviewer, and always finds a way to parse every interesting morsel of knowledge from the conversation at hand. Additionally, the breadth and nuance of subjects covered is impressive; I've never come across a podcast quite like this. I've learned so many valuable things from this podcast, and really appreciate the time and effort Sean has put into this podcast to make it possible. Everyone, regardless of academic/intellectual interest, should listen to this podcast!!!
Intelligent, interesting, insightful
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I have been listening to SRB for a while now. I’ve heard pretty much every episode. I listen to it especially while cooking. Sean interviews smart folks each week. There’s so many interesting stories. A lot of the guests are writers who have spent a lot of time investigating some piece of Eastern European or Russian history. I love it because Russian history is so epic, Sean and his guests talk about topics so energetically and with so much detail, and the subject matter is so far from the political and other normal day to day craziness of the United States. Instead you have the craziness of some far away place, so it’s an escape. I feel free to analyze them because they’re not the US (which I feel we over analyze on a superficial level here to where I don’t like doing it any more), but in doing so I guess I learn about the humanity of people in general as well as the relationship of that distant region and the US.
E. Rattazzi
A must-listen
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For anyone interested in Russia, the SRB podcast provides history, context, and insight, all presented in a lively and engaging manner by host Sean Guillory.
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Wish I had class with Sean when I was a student.